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Family is very important to us. We love and care for our patients, big and small. We happily treat all patients and children are part of our everyday patient flow. We aim for a pleasant outcome with their  dental experience. We focus on their comfort and educate them on proper dental  instruction. We welcome children from 2 years old and up. We love the feeling of having the entire family come back every six months for their routine dental check up with a smile on their face. We are ready to give you and your family the quality dental care that you are looking for and deserve.


At our practice obtaining a beautiful smile is made  as easy and comfortable as possible. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental procedures that can give you the smile that you always desired. We are very well aware of the way a beautiful smile can change someone's life. Oral health is our primary goal, but we also focus attention to the aesthetic needs of our patients. With treatments that go from porcelain restorations to veneers and from teeth whitening procedures to Invisalign,  we help our patients perfect their smile.  For patients looking to cover a space where there is a missing tooth, we offer implant restorations. We refer you to our trusted implantologist who will place the implant and then we would restore it with a crown or bridge depending on the space size.

With the best equipment and specialized staff, we are ready to answer your  questions and to get you on the road to a Bella Smile.

Restorative dentistry involves a variety of procedures that can be used to fix and restore teeth that have damage caused by cavities, loss of bone, infections, injury or for those teeth that could use some cosmetic improvement. Some of these procedures involve simple restorations such as fillings, which can be resin (white) or amalgam (silver). These are placed inside the tooth after a cavity has been appropriately cleaned and treated.

Cavities are a common dental problem, but in its early stages, decay can be easily treated.

Sometimes, cavities are  left untreated and it is in these cases where most patients experience persistent pain and sensitivity. This is due to the infection and inflammation of tissues in the tooth's pulp, which causes severe pain if not treated promptly. When this happens, a root canal procedure must be performed to alleviate the pain. This procedure consists of removing the infected tissues in the pulp, and cleaning and sealing the canals in the roots in order to save the tooth and prevent future infections.

The tooth is finally restored with a crown.

Crowns are used to restore a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy or for one that has previously been restored with a large filling.  Crowns offer a long term solution for restoring function and aesthetics. There are different types of crowns. For those teeth for which aesthetics is a major concern, we offer Procera or Zirconia crowns (Full porcelain crowns, no metal). This type of all ceramic crown is very tissue friendly and the closest to the look of a natural tooth. We recommend Procera or Zirconia for anterior crowns especially.  Another type of crown is a porcelain fused to metal crown. This is also an esthetically acceptable crown, especially for the back teeth. We also offer crowns and fixed bridges for missing teeth that have been restored with implants. A fixed bridge (which is a set of crowns connected to fill the space left by a missing tooth) can be used to restore function and aesthetics. This is a permanent procedure and can last many years with the right care. 

Another restorative procedure that we offer our patients are dentures. These are removable prosthesis that allow the patient to replace missing teeth in a very simple way. Dentures can be partial or full. Today many alternatives are at hand when it comes to dentures. We offer flexible or valplast dentures, metal with acrylic or a hybrid of both.

In patients with dental implants, a special  type of complete denture is held down firmly with a lock and key hold on the implants to ensure no mobility on eating or speaking. These dentures are called overdentures.


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    Family Dental Care

Visiting your dentist every six months can be as important as brushing and flossing every day. During this visit, some x-rays are taken and an examination is done to determine if there are any caries present in the mouth. Your dentist or hygienist will also clean the teeth to remove any plaque (bacteria that  forms in the mouth causing gum disease, caries or gingivitis), remove tartar (hardened plaque that wraps around the teeth and under the gums causing gum disease) and some minor surface stains. Regular examinations are very important for your overall health. At our practice we care about prevention, and have invested in the best diagnostic equipment to provide doctors and patients with the best and most comfortable tools available. To go according to this digital age, we use the most modern and comfortable x-ray technology. Digital x-rays have several advantages over traditional film based x-rays: 

• They emit up to 90% less radiation.
• They are ready for examination nearly instantly.
• They can be viewed on a computer screen.
• Their image can be refined and enlarged.
• They are greener; no chemicals are needed for processing.


For our pediatric patients, we also offer dental sealants, which are applied directly on the tooth in order to seal the natural grooves to help prevent tooth decay. While sealants are durable, they are not permanent.

Sealants can reduce the chances of tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of the molars but they do not replace the need for active brushing and flossing.

Your visit to the dentist can be scheduled in advance, every six months, with more frequent reminders as your appointment date approaches. This will help you remember this important date.




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